As we read the pages of the New Testament, we find God’s design for a local gathering of those who confess Christ as Savior and Lord. There are many descriptions for the local church in the New Testament, but our favorite is that of a family. We believe Partnership is the acknowledgement of who’s part of the family we call Story City Church.  


There are four basic expectations of Partners at Story City.

  1. Have a Clear Testimony of Salvation and Baptism by Immersion: Those who acknowledge Jesus as their Lord can be Partners. Our online application provides a place to write your story of how and when you began following Jesus. If you have not yet experienced this joy we would love to tell you how!

  2. Agreement With Our Core Beliefs: These statements give common understanding to the essentials of our faith. Because of the diversity of backgrounds present at Story City, it is important that we present these fully.

  3. Agreement With Our Partnership Covenant: Our partnership covenant is a bullet point explanation of what the Bible teaches about following Jesus personally in the context of a local church. We ask each person seeking partnership to acknowledge their agreement with the spirit of the covenant and the principles of the Word of God contained in it.

  4. Fellowship With the Story City Family: Story City Church is not a place. It is a gathering of people who know and follow Jesus. We gather for worship and just as importantly, fellowship with one another. It is critical for spiritual health that you share your life with others in a community group and an area of service. We aren't looking for more attendees, but people who want to invest their lives in making a difference in our church and world.


  1. Attend Discover Story City Class: Because of the need for a consistent understanding of partnership expectations, every candidate for partnership is required to attend Discover Story City.

  2. Complete the Online Partnership Application: At Discover Story City, you will be asked to fill out the Partnership Application form below. Your info will be reviewed by our pastoral staff and kept confidential.

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Birthday *
Have you received Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord? *
If you aren't sure or have questions, just write "I'm not sure" or "I have questions." We would love to have a conversation about how you can be certain that you are following Jesus.
Have you been baptized? *
Please include as many details as you can remember - year, name of church, method of baptism (immersion, sprinkling, or specify other). If you have never been baptized or have questions about your specific situation, indicate accordingly.
If you aren't sure, just write "I'm not sure."
Do you attend a community group? *
Are you currently volunteering with one of our serve teams? *
I have read and understood and am in agreement with the Story City Core Beliefs and Partnership Covenant? *
Our partnership covenant is a basic summation of what the Bible teaches about following Jesus and how that is expressed and applied in the context of a local church. We ask each person pursuing Partnership at Story City to join us in seeking to fulfill the spirit of these commitments and the principles of the Word of God they express. We also understand there are no perfect Christians and all of us will fail at many or all of these things even as we strive to follow Jesus and his plan for our lives.
One of our pastors or staff would love to discuss anything you aren't sure about!